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I hope my portfolio gives you a little insight into my creative process. Overall I always strive to tell a story and have a little fun

Website Design

A fresh, clean, professional design can make your online presence shine. The best sites begin with you. With our powers combined, you will have a website to show off!

Logo & Wordmarks

Bold, eye-catching, and sometimes a little irreverent, enjoy this collection of some of my favorite branding work.

Featured Projects

Southwest Shakespeare Company Season Branding

As the graphic designer for Southwest Shakespeare Company’s 2021/22 and 2022/23 seasons, I developed a bold, lively visual identity to celebrate their exuberant return to the stage post-pandemic.

I created their branding, printed materials, and digital assets using vivid colors, consistent fonts, and energetic design to reflect the joy and excitement of their first seasons back to live performances. This dynamic approach also helped bring a cohesive identity to a season of productions of varying tones.

The colorful, upbeat designs aimed to convey celebration and elation for their triumphant return.

Social Media Content

I have experience creating content for Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Content often includes video, blog posts, graphics, and audio clips. Check out my Stories Portfolio and these packagages made for various social platforms.

Video &
Motion Graphics

Great storytelling can have a huge impact on brand identity. I love using color and unexpected design to unleash a brand's potential.

Projection Desgin

Need visuals to enhance your live or digital events? Kickass! I can help bring your production to life with kenetic graphics, whether on stage or on a screen.

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Promotional Pieces

Here are some of my favorite recent pieces.